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Women are the most loving and caring creation of nature. They do remarkable things for their loved ones. They are perfect in the ways they handle their relationships all their life.

Being a woman is a matter of extreme pride and grace, because it is amazing how they are so graceful yet strong. Women shape the society. Women set examples and can handle multiple responsibilities at the same time.

Since, women have so much power, then for a change, why not let them support men in their mental health journey? Shall we?

Women as mothers

Childhood is a very delicate age. Your children will remember all that you teach them for the rest of their lives. If you are a mother, then you are going to be such an inspiration for your child if you teach him/her the right things at the right age.

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Don’t ask your son to stop crying by saying don’t cry like a girl! If you do that, then you’re disrespecting yourself as well. Let him cry. Tell him it is fine. Tell him that crying is a good thing and expressing failure and emotions through crying is the best way to let it out.

By doing this you’re not only making your son a wonderful human being but also someone who will be sensitive towards a woman’s pain.

Women as daughters

If you are a daughter then you probably have a good relationship with your father already. There’s just one thing you need to do though, ask him how he is. Ask him if he’s going through some issues with his work or life in general. This becomes important for the single-fathers out there who are taking care of their kids. You as a daughter can actually ease his mental stress by being more considerate towards him.

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Women as partners

You don’t decide who you fall in love with, but when you do, make sure you are not just asking your partner to make you happy, buy you gifts. But you need to ask your partner what is going on with their mental state lately. Men usually aren’t very expressive in front of everyone, but they do share a lot of things with the women they love. So, try to create a comforting space for him to speak and try to understand if he’s going through some issues mentally.

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Women as non-pseudo feminists

You don’t need to do much. Just practice what you preach. All those social media posts about uplifting women and being a good person in general, do it first. I am saying this because I have seen so many so-called feminists who have completely altered the meaning of feminism. They have instead made it an agenda to start a hate campaign against all the men! Feminism is about uplifting women and supporting them, not about degrading men. There’s already so much hatred in the world, become a pioneer of love instead!

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Women as all of the above simultaneously

If you’re someone with all the qualities mentioned above then you are exactly what the world needs now. Only you could play so many complex roles and yet make it seem effortless.

Convince your son or father or partner or friend to ask for help when he needs. Tell him that it is okay and he’s not at all alone in this. Change happens when you become the change! Promote mental health in men as only as you can do it the right way.

We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.

Sheryl Sandberg

Here is a video by Moe Carrick on the TEDxSalem stage

You are only week if you consider yourself week. You need to look around and see the women making tremendous changes all across the globe. If they can, why can’t you?

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