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The very first thing you need to know as a man in this generation is that, you are not ever going to make everyone happy, no matter what you do. You can fulfill all the desires of your family and there is still going to be someone who will think this is not enough.

Usually feminists give ideas to other women about what they should actually do when society judges them. But, I think this is the time we start telling men how they should deal with the stereotypes!

1. It is okay to feel sad or even cry (even in public)

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People on social media preach that we support men who cry until they encounter a similar situation in real-life. So, to the men who are reading this, are you still going to be bothered by hypocrites like that or would you actually start coming out as a person you actually are? Remember, the people who genuinely think about your well-being will be least bothered about you breaking down, everybody else doesn’t matter.

2. It is okay if you’re not a millionaire

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This thing is so crucial to understand, that you don’t need money to impress people at all. If you are trying to attract people by your bank account, then you can never trust the credibility of your relationships, ever! Good people see good in people, not their bank balance.

3. It is okay if you want to divide the bill in half with your partner

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This thing is related to the previous point. But, I wanted to mention those women who get all dramatic when they are asked to pay their half. Seriously, if you want men to progress in this journey, then stop doing this and at least become independent enough to pay your bills, don’t expect your partner to do that for you.

4. It is okay for you to have other sexual preferences

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This is quite stereotypical in a lot of countries, even those who have accepted laws on homosexuality. Please stop telling men that they are transgenders because they are gay or want to be gay! You are insulting both men and transgender people by saying that! You cannot decide which gender they prefer to sleep with. And gay men possess similar muscular traits as straight men. So, read about these things before you comment on them. Just because television shows or movies portray them as being silly or alien people, doesn’t mean that it is complete truth.

5. You don’t have to look like Tom Cruise

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A lot of men live in the complex of being either too thin or too fat or the acne thing on their face. I know it is hard to accept after all the things you have put up with till now, but being a good person is far more important than being a good-looking person. And just because you’re not the most charming men, you don’t have to be the richest men and you don’t have to burn yourself up! You’ll still be judged anyways!

But, you know what, there are so many nice people out there who will agree to this and even if they don’t, you need to believe in yourself. Your good or bad looks are always in comparison to someone. Who would you compared yourself to, if you were the only man on this planet? Then you could have been a new type of that ‘TOM CRUISE’ thing! It is an example to show that everybody gets compared with every other person, so these things are really perception oriented and relative to other things. Try being indifferent towards these beliefs of being the most handsome or the richest. It is all gonna disappear some day.

6. Black is stunning

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A lot of women hear this and feel good about themselves. Today, the men should also note that being dark complexioned is not a big deal. It is the sexiest shade people have claimed that ever existed! You don’t have to buy the fairness creams and fake cosmetics. It is a big time scam and these people earn money by taking advantage of your inferiority complex. Like women are told that they don’t have to listen to mean things about their skin color, so do men! Never entertain such comments especially when you know they hurt bad! Men also feel bad when you label them as ugly because they are black. Never demean people on the basis of their looks, it goes for both men and women alike.

7. Men do have mental health issues

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I am so happy writing about the men who have spoken about their depression in public despite all the stigmatization. You can read the same in our article on Masculinity And Social Norms. You will be amazed to know that the men you admire on social media for their talents and skills have been diagnosed with depression themselves. For eg: Dwayne Johnson(THE ROCK), Brad Pitt, Ryan Renolds, Wayne Brady, Demar Derozen, and the list goes on…

You think these men are less of a man because they asked for help? Hell no! In fact, they take pride in telling about how they had overcome the issues they faced due to fragile mental health. It’s high time we start realizing this and stay broad minded about these things. Men and mental health issues is a true thing and recovering from this is also possible. Acceptance is the key!

Now that you have read this and have come this far, I would again say one thing, that depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders are not “single-gender” issues, both men and women can get affected by these things, and both men and women should equally talk about these things-not on Instagram or Facebook stories, but to your loved ones and professionals.

Happy Reading!