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The world around us is in chaos. We are in the middle of a life-altering pandemic. Climate change is indicating an immensely disastrous course of events which are yet to take place, loss of life and property, loss of jobs, economic downfall and what not!

Yet, in these depressing times, people have hope and faith in one another. The only thing that is holding the world together is this faith in humanity. That is one of the main reasons why people survive anxiety and other mental health issues.

There’s again a catch here. We are so busy looking at the big picture that we didn’t look closely at the problems and crimes that are not so discussed or are not as important as the issues the world is facing.

One such issue is sex education, which is what we are going to discuss in this post. If you think, you don’t need to read this, because you’re an educated adult, then sorry to burst the bubble, but you need to read this more than anybody else.

A Different Perspective

We condemn rapists all over the social media whenever there’s an assault or rape case that outrages us. It is good. It tells us that people support each other and feel bad for the victim.

But, what if I tell you that if you start to protest for every rape case that happens in the world, leave the world, just in your own country, you would have to remain awake for most days of your life to protest. The number is so huge that it makes no sense. Of course, it will help you with your anger, but it is not going to help the victim.

Then What Could Be Done?

The only thing which I think you could do is – talk about sex like you do about Science, Economics, Philosophy, Literature, Human Resources, etc.

I don’t know when will the schools start teaching it, and with what level of clarity. What I know for sure is that, we can be the pioneers of this noble cause.

The Rapists and The Mental State

When people are in their teenage, the most intriguing question to them is sex. Let’s admit this. Your biology teacher might have never touched the chapter on sexual reproduction. The students somewhat knew about it anyway, and might be from the wrong medium.

Who knew back then, that this is what going to be one of the main reasons behind all that is wrong with the youth.

The word sex is so overrated by the families, schools, religious institutes. It is forbidden to talk about these things in public, especially around older people. I mean you and I exist because of sex. Everyone is here because of that. What is so shameful about it? It might have been like that in earlier times, but now we need to talk about it.

We need to teach small kids, adult, and neglected rural people about the legit way of doing sex, and that is consensus. Both the man and the woman, should agree to that, and that is the only way it can be term as sex and not rape. Even if the person is your wife or husband, the act of sexual intercourse is in fact rape if it is not consensual.

That is what we need to share on social media. That is what you need to teach the small kids who are about to become a teen soon. If you are not going to tell them this the right way, they are going to learn it from the wrong medium anyway, and nothing is going to change. So is the case with the so-called urban population. Teaching about sex and looking at it the right way is imperative for educated people as well. Academic excellence is different from the values you have and the cognitive abilities you acquire outside your school and college.

If you want to know when these rape cases will decline and stop eventually, try convincing your parents or relatives that you want to teach your sibling or small cousins about the right ways of doing sex. If you can to do it in your family, only then will you be able to hope that your locality, state, country and finally the world will see a change!

When you see a woman getting assaulted in front of you, and you help her by protecting her like it is your duty, only then will you be able to hope that somebody else will help your sister, mother, wife or daughter!

We have no power over the world, but we can start by making small changes around us.

What Is Sex Education?

Sex education is not rocket science. It is something you can teach anybody, provided you are yourself clear about what it means.

Secondly, small kids in your house or around you should know from a very early age the difference between a gentle touch and a bad touch. It sounds unappealing as to why would you let anything happen to them, but you cannot keep them inside the house all the time. And in a lot of cases, some members of the family itself are included in molesting small kids.

So, they need to know that an inappropriate touch is assault. And also, you should be the first person they come to when they recognize an assault. And this is true for both small girls as well as boys. Here is an article by Cath Hakanson to help you with this.

Sex Education Is The Way Out

You cannot change what has happened already. You cannot undo the rape cases, and you cannot bring back the positivity the victims had before these horrible incidents. It is not easy to change the mindset of someone who has grown up thinking about sex the wrong way. You just can’t. Sure, you can punish them, but you will not be able to prevent the cases with the fear of punishment, as they already know that sexual assault is a crime. Or do they?

What you can do is preventing such cases. Educate people around you, whether teens or adults who have not yet formed a perception about sex or have a wrong perception.


If you want to bring the change, then you have to be the change. Stop sharing all such posts that all boys should be inside their houses after dark so that the girls can step out. Think practically, and don’t let your emotions control you. You live in a democracy (I hope), and everyone is as free to go out after the dark as you. Your posts are not going to stop them! And even after all this, you cannot be sure that women are safe, can you?

Rape cases are a matter of concern, and acting to eradicate the root cause is the only long-term solution. Mentality and conditioning play an imperative role in deciding whether you are going to see that change or not. Strict laws against accusers and implementation are also necessary, and they are crucial outside aid. But, to know that the colossal change comes from the inside conditioning, is when the game changes. That is going to be an ultimate win-win situation!

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Stay Mentally Sober! Stay Safe!