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Hi, how are you guys doing? I hope you are in good health, both physically and mentally. We will talk about a few fruitful techniques where mindset shift can truly benefit you to achieve your desired health goals.


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We all have different body types and separate eating habits. With time, our bodies are accustomed to consuming a set amount of food in a day. Trying to eat too much or too little can disturb our overall well-being. Similarly, workouts can work wonders for your body if done the right way. Don’t try to pressurize yourself with a long duration of workout regime that can cause aversion to exercise.

Try to start with 15-20 minutes of workout a day, and increase by 5 minutes every week. Respect your body and don’t cause harm to it unnecessarily.


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There is no ideal body type!

Some cultures find lean people attractive, while some don’t. Some social groups think that being bulky is a sign of a good lifestyle, while others don’t!

So, when there’s no fixed standard of body types, try to be your authentic self instead. If you are working out or eating good, do it for yourself and not to fit some idealised body standard!


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People spend thousands of bucks to get a gym membership, and some don’t even start working out just because they think that workout means gym! That is so not true! You can skip going to the gym and still gain/lose weight! Pick a time as and when it suits your routine and regularly workout on that chosen time. Either go for a jog, do yoga, try online free fitness programs. Besides, make sure you pick the form of workout that you enjoy. If you dread doing pushups or squats, then chances are you’ll not continue them. So, as tempting as it sounds to do 100 crunches per minute, don’t do it if you don’t like it, do supine exercises or power yoga. Just make sure you move regularly.


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To maintain a healthy weight, the foremost step is to love and accept yourself as you are. I see a lot of people loathing their bulky bodies, double-chin, or thin body structure. Just don’t. These are mental blocks that can make your weight loss/gain process further difficult. The simple reason is – the more we think about how overweight or underweight we are, we go into the mental loops of what is the point of all the hard work. So, true transformation happens when you love your body and then go for the next steps.

Just know that you can be overweight or underweight and still be healthy from the inside if you workout regularly. There is no hidden secret to a perfect body. Accepting yourself and respecting your true-self can be the greatest motivation in your weight loss/gain journey!


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There is evidence that over 95% of the diets don’t work, and often people gain twice the weight they had lost after that diet. There is common sense involved in this. We don’t follow a diet as a lifestyle, but to gain/lose weight. By the time we achieve the goal, we become so fed up with not eating our favorite food that we over-eat it afterwards. In case of weight gain, you might try to eat everything in the kitchen. But if you’re not working out, you’ll not see very satisfactory results.

So, just like the physical exercise part, your diet should also be a sustainable one. If you are eating something or cutting something out of your daily diet, make sure you stick to it. Maintaining the lost/gained weight is the most important thing than actually losing/gaining it in the first place. So, make sure you don’t starve yourself to lose weight. Or if you want a healthy weight gain, don’t force yourself to eat anything and everything when you don’t want to. MODERATION is the key here. Eat everything in moderation, as this will ensure that you maintain a healthy body weight!


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Whatever you do-yoga, gym, dance, pilates, cycling, swimming- make sure you can do it daily. There’s a perfect form of physical activity for everyone. If you haven’t found it, keep looking! Also, there are tons of artificial foods and medicines to help you lose/gain weight. But, choose home-made and natural diets as they are sustainable and free from any side effects. Try to incorporate a healthy mindset in your diet and physical workouts. When your mind is healthy, you will feel like doing everything to make your body healthy.


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Just like in every other areas of life, mental health plays a role in your fitness journey as well. If you’re not in the right frame of mind, you might eat a lot to gain weight. It can make the weight gain process a disaster. The weight gain will be unhealthy. In another case, which is very common, losing weight with a wrong perception can make you anorexic – eating way too little to reach a specific scale. Both of these are symptoms of underlying mental health issues that you need to address first.


Respect your body because you are perfect as you are. And you are not required to achieve some major body goals to feel and look attractive.

Change should be gradual and you need to change your lifestyle one day at a time. Sudden big changes can lead to long-term aversion to exercise and fitness.

Eating mindfully ensures that you are not eating too much or too little.

Positive mindset can aid your fitness regime. Trying to be fit for the right reasons can result in sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Your mental health has an impact on your physical health as well.

These mindset shifts can lead to a fitness lifestyle which will be sustainable!

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