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There are a lot of topics in the world that need to be discussed and addressed apart from politics. One of them is mental health status in men!

Writing about this makes me feel aloof as this topic is one of a kind and not much explored.

A lot of people believe that men are already very privileged because they are ‘men’. They have freedom of speech and expression, and they have been idealized since the dawn of evolution. They are the center of attraction all the time and so on. But, do any of you know that there are still a lot of men who are not as vocal about their problems as women are? They do not come out as strongly as one might expect them to be. Again, here I am not talking about “all the men”.

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The point of concern here is those men who are dealing with various psychological issues ranging from anger issues to anxiety, from helplessness to depression and what not!

Yet we do not hear about them, but why? Because they do not come out in the light and discuss their issues openly. They do not seek help even when they know they need help!

Statistics on mental health problems in men!

1. According to global statistics on people suffering from mental health issues worldwide, a total of 12.6 per cent of males and 13.3 per cent of females suffer from mental health or substance use disorders globally.

2. The statistics also suggest that in the middle or low-income level countries, the probability of reporting mental health issues by men is lesser than by men in high-income countries.

3. Majority of male population suffering from any mental trauma commit suicide or go in the trap of excessive alcohol and drug use.

You can refer to detailed statistics here.

Popular opinion!

It is imperative to know about these things because the stigmatisation of mental health issues affects them the most who do not speak about it. After all, men are also a part of this society, and they can too be weak, they might need to talk to somebody like women and children do! Does that make them less of a man? Or are they acting like girls in your opinion? Well, I hope they start to do that and start asking for help as and when they need!

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I feel so proud by looking around all the women who raise their voice for the whole community whenever they face any challenges. Women all around the world have progressed in the field of art, literature, science, commerce, fashion, travelling and the list goes on…

Not just this, they come together when they see any other woman dealing with issues. It could be anything, and they will support each other.

Not-so popular opinion!

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The problem is men don’t support men when it comes to mental health problems. They don’t. With men, it is all about a bottle of beer or whiskey, and the problem is gone! That is what the solution is apparently to everything. The sad part is, even a few women around those men don’t try to tell them that it is not the right way to deal with issues. You are going to face an ample number of problems all your life because that is how it is. So, are you going to drink all the beer in the world?

And a lot of those men who are not from a humble background and cannot dwell in such guilty pleasures, what do they do?

Those dealing with anxiety or depression, it is not the solution. It is the worst solution you could imagine! It will never let you come out of your shell, and as a result, you will ruin majority of the relationships you have to cherish.

Why this series?

So, this series is going to cover all the possible issues men face in their lives and the solutions they should opt. And I can promise one thing that at the end of this series, you will start seeing men from the eyes of respect and gratitude. And the men will start talking about their mental health unapologetically!

Let’s talk about this and support those who support you!

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Happy Reading!