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We’ve heard of the phrase that “history repeats itself”. Another different year, things are not so different though!
So, you have probably done all the cooking, creating and learning new things kind of stuff during previous lockdown. If you haven’t, then kudos… you have got some more time to do that.
But this time we’ll not be looking at superficial things to keep you engaged, we’re going to explore something more important!

Things to do in lockdown 2.0………….

Being grateful

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If you are in good health, and none of your loved ones are sick or dying, then you should be grateful for your health.
Even if you are sick, but if you are able to afford medical treatment from good doctors, then also you are amongst the most privileged people right now!


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We are seeing people going through tremendous challenges due to lack of availability of resources. This should be enough for a normal person to feel bad for other people, given that there’s nothing much we can do sitting at home. But, what we can do is being empathetic towards others. Stopping all the criticism, and bullying other people’s cultural and religious beliefs. We’re all in this together!

Positive outlook

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We’ve been complaining about the lockdown, government, health care system and so on. Does that make you happy? Even if it does, it is doing no good to the sick people who open social media platforms looking for distractions. You don’t have to complain about anything, that is not what the world needs right now!

There’s one thing that you can do at this very moment- remain positive and spread positivity… Make sure whatever you post makes somebody smile, or helps them in some way. That’ll be an achievement!

Letting go of hatred

We’re wherever we are because we consciously or unconsciously made some decisions. It could be about choosing the government we have right now, the cultural differences we let inside our lives from past years, or the kind of people we’re following on social media.

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What we didn’t do consciously was, understanding the psychological impact of this when we’ll be alone in our homes. We are outraged by petty things online when we know there are people who are dying everyday and who don’t care what is the religion or caste of the doctor who is treating them. God knows what other events will open our eyes if not these!

The Secret

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You know what we think, we create. It is an age old concept, some people deny it, some find it absurd. It is the law of attraction.
Law of attraction is not magic, it is ensuring that you get what you think about. It works on the simple concept of science. You receive the kind of frequency that you are in your mind. It means, if you are very critical and negative about certain things, you’ll probably end up having more of those. If you want to find positivity, you’re not going to find it outside, you have to RADIATE it from inside of you. If you’re still skeptical about it, there’s a book and a movie based on the same book, you can read it or watch the movie.

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Be the change you wish to see in others

You have the power to be anything, literally. Then why not be a pioneer of goodness, kindness and generosity?

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If you are looking for justice, be so just that no one can do anything wrong in front of you.
If you are looking for love and compassion, be so affectionate that nothing can make you hateful towards others.
Lastly, if you are looking for healing, be a healer. I mean who knows what tomorrow brings, what we do know is we’re here, now and we’re wasting our precious time without smiling, without making other people smile!

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Crazy world we’re living in. You think you have time, make it the most memorable one for the people around you. You think you have money, use it for the people who don’t have it.

“We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than that which divides us”

Jo Cox MP

Stay home! Stay safe! Happy lockdown!