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We have set various standards for the people around us. We label them as bad person or good person based on our limited perception and highly influenced views. The influence could be our upbringing, our peers, social media, and so on!

But, what does it mean to be a good person? Who is a good person? And can we judge people as good or evil based on our heightened sense of morality?

The answer is a big NO! You cannot tell just by superficially judging someone that they are good or bad. This post is about how should you identify whether you are a bad person or not. Here are a few pointers that are mostly deemed under bad behavior by some people, but are not!

So, you are not a bad person if you-

1) Put yourself first:

YES! If you are someone who puts themselves first before everyone else, then that certainly does not make you a bad person. If you will not put yourself first, then you will always be a pushover. You will allow people to walk all over you all the time. Besides, if you do not put your needs first, then who will? Now, this does not mean that you hurt other people or pull someone’s leg to move ahead. Hell no! It is about being selfish for your good, provided you don’t break someone’s heart for that.

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2) Say no when required:

Many people have a hard time saying no to people. To some people, it seems as if they are hurting other people with their denial. That makes it hard to say no, and they end up doing things that they do not want to. But, you will eventually learn that saying no to the things you don’t want to do would make you the happiest in the long run.

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3) Break unnecessary old bonds:

It is painful to move on from toxic friendships and relationships. That is because we fear being alone, and would rather spend our precious time mending that which needs to be abandoned. By doing this, we torture ourselves and the other person as well. So, letting go of old connections which are not serving you, sets you free and makes your life more peaceful.

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4) Express yourself:

I have seen people hiding their true personalities for the sake of fitting in. It does not help you become a good person. Instead, you become very critical of other people because you don’t want them to express their views, just like you did not! The right people will always accept you for who you are. Always remember this! There’s no point in hiding your reality and thoughts. It will suffocate you to negativity.

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5) Are a kid at heart:

There’s no point of sophistication when it becomes suffocating. Some people are naturally good at being calm and composed. But does that give them a right to label other people as immature? No. Unless someone’s child-like behavior is not hurting anyone else, there’s no harm in being a little light-hearted. I mean what will you do with all that seriousness? The world already is not critical enough of everything and everyone? So, you can cut yourself slack for finding positivity and peace in the chaos.

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6) Do not explain yourself:

You might want to become an astronaut at eleven, a doctor at thirteen. Now, you might be an entrepreneur who has left a high paying job to do something you love. The world is crazy, right? And the best thing is we can do anything that we want! But what stops us is what justification we will give to our family or friends or Instagram followers? So, please stop explaining yourself to every person because you are not accountable to anyone for the choices you make.

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7)  Take a stand for what you believe in:

Arguing just for the sake of your ego is futile. But, to give it back to someone who insults you and degrades you for no reason is a necessity. If you do not defend yourself in situations like these, then you frequently try to playback those hurtful scenarios in your head. You might try to come up with better comebacks that person says the same thing again. And that rarely happens. So, answer back and take a stand for your integrity and peace.

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8) Change for the better:

Some people find it very hard to accept that the person they knew a while back has changed into a completely different individual than he/she used to be. They find it very hard to adapt to the evolved behavior of that person. If you are that person who has changed and you feel better about it, then do not think about what other people are saying about you. Change is crucial and inevitable. If you are changing and becoming a better version of yourself where you prefer less drama, less negativity, more time for yourself, then other people’s opinion should not bother you.

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Lastly, do not feel bad about yourself just because other people do not recognize your uniqueness and worth. Fall in love with yourself, and you will see yourself surrounded by the people who will love you for the real you!

However, you need to make sure that you are not over doing certain things in the name of self-love. Here is an article to help you understand the difference between the above mentioned points and the points mentioned in this article.