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Affirmations are statements that are used to encourage a positive mindset. They are also used to reprogram our negative thought patterns and stop self-sabotage. In simple terms, they are fabricated statements to fool your subconscious into believing something positive. And when the subconscious actually accepts what we are affirming, it helps us to actually attain it in reality.

I have come to the realization that your words are like spells. They have the power to either lift you up or bring you down!

Yes, we cannot always think and act positively, it’s unrealistic! But on most days we can, and that is when affirmations come into play.

Then why aren’t people using affirmations for themselves?

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Well, we are hardwired to hustle and beat ourselves up rather than take a less intense approach. And it is not wrong to hustle. Do it all you want! But, along with that, affirmations are a way to be kinder to yourself while doing that.

Affirmations have the potential to rewire your neural pathways in ways that help you align with your desired self. They can give you benefits in the long term.

Before we dive deep into the power of affirmations, ask yourself what kinds of beliefs you have about yourself. What kinds of thoughts do you have in a day about your appearance, wealth, personality, relationships, etc.?

We have beliefs that have nothing to do with us, but rather a projection of what other people think about us. Those beliefs can be both positive and negative. The important thing to note is that you need to identify your thought patterns and find where they are coming from. Once you do that, it will be far easier for you to accept the “I Am” statements.

The Origin Of Negative Beliefs

Childhood conditioning

During the first five years of our lives, our brains behave like sponges that absorb each and every word that we hear and emotions that we experience. It is frightening to realize that what we tell small kids actually has the power to shape their conscious beliefs as adults. Therefore, questioning your beliefs as an adult is important. You should know whether the beliefs you hold about yourself are your own or somebody else’s.

Schools and other institutions

We might have a loving and peaceful environment at home as a kid, but once we step out into the real world, things change. Most of the time, our very teachers and caretakers at school or kindergarten can be the ones who can make us feel bad about ourselves. There are various videos online where you can find how a small kid who was told he was ugly still remembers it as an adult. As a result, even teachers should be mindful of how they speak to and interact with their students, particularly the younger ones.

Comparison with peers

We might have heard or experienced the ways people are compared with their peers, cousins, or relatives. These things might not affect you as an adult because now you can see things as they really are. But, as a child, we do not have the capacity to understand what is going on, and more often than not, we start doing things just to gain approval and prove that we are worthy. From where else do you think our need for validation arises?

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So, now that you know the causes of negative self-talk, you should also know that there is always a way out! You can always choose to not believe in what you are told as a child. You can re-create your reality now based on what you want to believe!

Sure, it is going to take some time given the number of years we have lived according to other people’s projected beliefs. But, it is so going to be worth it!

If you are someone who has achieved all your goals by being harsh and extremely pragmatic about them, affirmations can sound stupid and too good to be true. But as a proponent of non-hustle culture, I would urge you to try them at least for a week to see the difference.

Why do we need to repeat them?

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As we have discussed, affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind; repetition is necessary so you don’t fall back into your earlier belief system.

Unless as an adult, you use constructive autosuggestion, which is a reconditioning therapy, the impressions made on you in the past can cause behaviour patterns that cause failure in your personal and social life. Autosuggestion is a means of releasing you from the mass of negative verbal conditioning that might otherwise distort your life pattern, making the development of good habits difficult.

Joseph Murphy

A guide to making your own affirmations

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There are tons of affirmations online, and you can use any of them. But, if you want to make your own affirmations, this is for you.

Only you can decide the areas in your life where you need a change. Design your affirmations based on that.

You can check one of the videos here to get started.

Whatever you do, make your affirmations in the present tense. I am, and I have.

Try to be as honest and simple with your words as possible. You don’t need a heavy vocabulary to design your affirmations.

Last but not the least, repeat them as often as you can in a day.

And remember, it is never too late to change your beliefs and take on a completely new path in life!